Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

In Mal Pais beach you will enjoy Costa Rica's premier SUP experience.  Explore Cabo Blanco National Park from the waters angle, ride the waves around Mal Pais & Santa Teresa, or enjoy the sunset while gliding across the water on a Stand Up Paddle Board. 

We strive to teach our clients proper SUP technique, and we are very passionate about what we do. Expect to improve your Paddle Boarding skills on all levels while with us in Costa Rica. Our team is highly qualified to instruct our clients in whatever facet of SUP they wish to delve into, whether it be SUP Touring, SUP Racing or SUP Surfing. We can give you the best possible start to any and all of these areas of Paddle Boarding. If client wishes to ride small waves after a few days of getting all the basics down, we can get your streaking into your first waves.

We cater to all levels of Paddle Boarders, and help clients who are interested in coming to the Mal Pais & Santa Teresa area to learn or train on an SUP Board. 

SUP Tours for all level riders:

  • Cabo Blanco National Park

  • Estuary Tour

  • Sunset Tours

  • Wave Riding Clinics

Beginner Level SUP Classes for First Timers

Learn all the fundamentals of SUP safety while paddle boarding, as well as extensive description of the SUP equipment from a true board designer/shaper. In this class you will learn all the fundamentals and techniques of Paddle Boarding such as proper stroke and paddle grip, stance and positioning on board, proper posture while paddling, how to turn and control your direction, and much more.  We start with a 20-minute clinic on the beach and then we launch you safely into the water and start working on the basics. Before you know it you are up and paddling, and enjoying the spectacular surroundings of Mal País and the Cabo Blanco National Park.

Intermediate Level SUP Classes “I wanna try some wave riding”!!!

For SUP Wave riders out there who have a good handle on riding waves back home, come and let us show you around the area, we will take you to just the right breaks on any given day. With our 17 years surfing experience on the Nicoya Peninsula, we can guide you better than any one else in the area.

The plan is to take you to different breaks through out your stay here.We will take clients to breaks where there are no other surfers or paddle boarders around. We will SUP Wave Ride outer reefs, point breaks, beach breaks, and get to know reef passes.

Work on SUP wave riding techniques, style, posture, wave approach and lining up at each break.Learn about the area, and its history while touring the various beaches.

Paddle boarding is like walking on water. Standing atop a board in the middle of the ocean, you see everything from sea life to the coastline and across the channel. I found myself tackling new maneuvers, exploring different bodies of water and learning tricks in both big and small surf that I had never done in all my years surfing.
As I started doing it exclusively, I noticed my body getting stronger. Like swimming, paddle boarding is an all-body workout.
— Laird Hamilton

Cabo Blanco National Park Paddle

Our main SUP Tour is the Cabo Blanco National Park Paddle. The views inside the Park are incredible, and there is 5 miles of area we can paddle into, it all depends on your skill level and physical ability.  Even just a short paddle into the Reserve is breath taking. Just a half mile out into the Reserve you can see the tip of the Peninsula, which features the Cabo Blanco Island.

SUP Estuary Tour

We love when our clients choose our Hidden Estuary Tour. It’s an area on the Nicoya Peninsula that is hard to find and not so far out of the way, and most travelers visiting the area never get to experience it’s shear beauty.  We normally try and schedule this tour as the tide is on it’s last hour coming in, so that we get the last bit of flow up into the estuary, and on the way back down we get a little help with the out flow.