Photography Expedition around Costa Rica

Along with a professional Costa Rican photographer you will encounter whales, turtles, cyclists, pilgrims, rainforest and tropical dry forest, streams, coves, canals, beaches and mangrove swamps, cities and fields of crops, parks and plazas, biological reserves and architectural gems which are emblematic buildings of our history. 

We can put you in the most unthinkable scenarios so you can capture the essence of Costa Rica in a single camera shoot, an amateur bullfighter, who skids in front of the bull in the Zapote arena and who will remain untouched by its horns; the cowboy who rides through the Guanacaste´s pastures plain fields; from a boat lets capture how a whale that leaps forward, creating a glorious plume of water in a single burst; the tranquility of the islands in the Gulf of Nicoya; the solemnity of a hundred priests in the plaza of the Basilica de Los Angeles; primal determination of thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles heading out to spawn at daybreak in the waters of Ostional.

Nothing is unimportant. Everything is essential and everything is here on Earth for the briefest of moments.

Beyond the photographs, this vacation package seeks to enrich the visitor’s journey, a journey that extends from urban Costa Rica to the most isolated and pristine spots at the end, passing along the way through the widest possible array of natural and human environments. 

The goal of this package is to polish the skills of aficionado photographers who wish to increase their knowledge in the fields of artistic, natural and cultural photography.

Similarly we open our doors to students who are currently undertaking majors in artistic fields (photography, cinema, graphic design, publicity design) who wish to enjoy a vacation in Costa Rica while refining their technical skills.

Professional photographers are welcome too; if you are already are expert with your camera and its equipment and only wish to be taken to those magical spots where you can display your creative ability behind the lens, the Costa Rica Outdoors & Waves crew is here to help you find those spots of unique tropical beauty.

The vision of Earth form space is quite simply the most beautiful image ever seen.
On seven occasions I had the good fortune to contemplate it from my perch in orbit, and to observe a diverse world with seas, continents, and majestic ice caps.
However, the sight of this spectacle from space affects an astronaut in two ways: not only the view it provides of his world, but also the view it provides of his country. As I sharpened my vision and observed the physiognomy of the planet that paraded majestically before my eyes, I noticed a narrow strip of land filled with dense vegetation, set between two oceans and uniting two continents. It was our little Costa Rica.
— F. Chang Díaz. Costa Rican Astronaut